12 Ways to Increase Your DESIRE to Stop Sinning

“I want to stop sinning!”
Do you really? 

Habitual sin is very difficult to stop. One of the biggest reasons for failure is because we don’t want it bad enough. We need a strong desire to break those strongholds.

In order to do that we need to consider:

The ramifications of doing that sin and of resisting that sin.

How will committing, or not committing, that sin affect your state of mind, relationships, health, ministry, job, future …?

We never sin in a vacuum. Our sin has an impact on others, and so does our resisting sin. Here are

12 Ways to Increase Your Desire to Stop Sinning

1. Consider the cost Jesus had to pay to redeem your soul from hell.

2. Contemplate on the infinite love God has for you.

3. Think how much sin grieves the heart of your Savior; how much it hurts His heart.

Picture Jesus Christ hanging on the cross for the sin you are about to commit.

4. Do not detach your sin from Christ, i.e. that it has no effect on Him.

As a believer you are united with Christ, inseparable. When you are watching that R-rated movie, or over indulging in a meal, Jesus is with you.

5. Fear the Lord (in a healthy way).

All sin, tiny to horrendous, is a serious violation against your Holy God. If you are a true Christian, there is no fear of judgment (1 Jn 4:18), but God cannot wink at sin. His just character will not allow that. There will be consequences here and/or loss of rewards in heaven.

6. Learn to hate your sin.

Sin is disgusting and vile to God! If only we could see sin in its true light, we would sin less! When we hear or see atrocities done against someone don’t our hearts cringe? Our inner man cries out for justice.

Now there are different levels of evil, but all sin is horrific to our pure and holy God. You and I have to stop thinking “I’m not so bad.” That’s just another disguised tactic of Satan.

7. Ponder on the horrors of hell, and the splendors of heaven which will lead you to sheer gratitude for God’s mercy and grace.

8. Picture the smile on Jesus’ face as you resist that temptation!

9. Not sinning shows agape love to God. (Jn 15:9-10)

Think: “I agape love You, Lord. I choose to lay my desire down as a sacrifice to You.”

10. Think how much joy and peace you will lose or gain; of those horrible guilt feelings when you sin.

11. Reflect on your rewards in heaven.

These words: “Well done, good and faithful servant…. Come and share your master’s happiness!” will motivate you not to give in (Mat 25:21).

12. Consider the loss or gain of intimacy with God.

The Lord cannot draw near to you when you are willfully sinning.


You could probably think of more reasons—I certainly can.

I challenge you to contemplate on 2-3 of these reasons. When you do you will think twice before you give into that temptation.

And your Savior will be smiling—I guarantee it!


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