On My Father’s Lap
Drawing Near to Your Father in Heaven

By Rose Noland


AbbaFather? Heavenly Daddy? If that’s a foreign concept to you, join the club. If you never felt loved by your earthly father, it can be hard to picture God in this way.

But God is not like a human father, not even like the good ones!

In this book Rose will teach you step by step how to draw near to Father God. Her use of stories and the analogy of a little girl on her father’s lap will entice you to learn and do what is necessary to achieve intimacy with a Most Holy God. You too can know that you are His precious and cherished daughter.

Even if you never had a parent to whom you could run as a child, you have a heavenly Daddy inviting you to do so now. This book helps you become that little girl who can run to her Father’s lap whenever she needs—even as an adult.

God is not a distant Being—Someone big “up there, somewhere”—unreachable. No! He wants to be known up close and personal. He’s inviting you into His presence. Say yes!

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I’m on the third chapter and already I have a better understanding of what it really means to have a closer relationship with the Lord! ~J.E.


I had the privilege to study this book in a Bible study class at our church. What an inspiration and a blessing! It is small but powerful! It helped me to draw closer to God by thinking of Him as a loving, caring father figure instead of an untouchable, unapproachable entity. It has given me a feeling of peace as I have felt Him gently taking me into His arms to wrap me in comfort with unconditional love and acceptance. I would highly recommend this inspirational book to anyone—male or female, young or old. ~Sandy


What a great book! Rose has demonstrated through her personal stories as well as scripture that God is our loving Father who desires a close vibrant loving relationship with His children. He refers to us as His treasure and desires to be the apple of our eye! I never feel more loved than when I climb up on His lap and receive unconditional love, comfort, protection, and forgiveness. This book is a must read! ~Carie a.k.a. Lucy


This book made me cry a lot because of what I “felt” I needed from my earthly dad and did not receive. It also helped me to rejoice in my relationship with my Heavenly Father and that He can fill the voids in my life and in my heart. To look to Him for that love and relationship. I would recommend this book for anyone hurting from or struggling with a relationship with their dad. It is an easy read, but pulls on your heart strings.~DeeDee


This book captivates you from the beginning and keeps your attention until the end. I wanted more of the warm feeling I was having as I was reading. ~D.R.


For those who have trouble reading long books, this e-book is short and sweet and to the point…. I love Rose’s openness and vulnerability to reveal her journey along the way to having a personal relationship with Father God…. We all want to be loved and feel cherished. Our Lord wants to show us, but maybe you don’t know how or what to do. This book can get you started. ~Terry Rice


This book is God-inspired! I loved it! I want to give it to each one of my kids. ~Shiny Nedungadi

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