Empowered to Relate to People God’s Way

By Rose Noland©


Developing and maintaining good relationships is difficult in this world, but with the enabling of God, we can succeed! The principles in this book will give you a biblical perspective on how to interact with people God’s way. We cannot correctly relate to others without the empowerment of God, and we must be rightly related to Him through Jesus Christ. As we continually abide in Him, we will see God enable us to love, and relate to, those around us. With God as our provider and our satisfaction, our contented soul can selflessly reach out to others. We can learn how to deal with the pain of challenging relationships. We can be successful in dealing with people and have deeper, more meaningful interactions. The key is to understand that the better our vertical relationship is with God, the better our horizontal relationships with others will be. Through Him we can love the unlovable, forgive the unforgiveable, forbear with difficult people, and enjoy life to the fullest!

In these pages you will read about the author’s struggles and the ways in which God gave her victory. You, too, can learn how to deal with the pain of challenging relationships. You can be successful in dealing with people and have deeper, more meaningful interactions.

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In a time when our culture, and even professional counselors, keep getting it wrong, Rose has captured the biblical essence of having fulfilling relationships—rightly relate to God so you can rightly relate to others. Each chapter gives keen insights into why we don’t do well in relationships. If you can’t get a grip on why you may be struggling, this book is a must read.~Pastor Marvin Patrick, Answers Community Church Martinez, GA


This is a wonderful book about building and/or restoring relationships with others from a biblical perspective. Rose loves the Lord and seeks His guidance and that comes through on the pages of this book as she shares personal experiences to help illustrate the concepts being taught. She explains concepts in a way that makes them easy to apply to life and has a wonderful way of writing that is easy to follow and understand. This book has been a huge blessing to me in helping me restore and strengthen relationships, including my relationship with God. I had the pleasure of working through this book in a group Bible study, but it is also very suitable for individual study. ~Suzanne


 This book will tell you how you can have a close relationship with God. It will also show you how you can have a better relationship with others because of your relationship with God. Some of the topics Rose discusses are: respect, attitudes, communication, transparency, acceptance, understanding, encouragement, forgiveness, faithfulness, and love. There are questions for you to work through at the end of each chapter to help you get the most out of it. If you apply what Rose teaches, there will be a change in your relationships for the better. This is an in-depth book that will make you think, and you will yearn for a close relationship with God!



This is an excellent book for anyone who desires to learn how to have better relationships. Rose shares many insights on the how and why of relational difficulties, as well as how to resolve them and live more harmoniously. She stresses throughout that in order to have successful and fulfilling relationships with others, we must first learn how to rightly relate to God. This is a great follow up to Rose’s first book, “Our Knowable God”. I’m looking forward to Rose’s next book. ~Susan A.

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