Trying to Make Sense of Life (Using Legos!)

Did you have a Lego set as a kid? Or perhaps your kids did. They are loads of fun! But if you don't have the instruction manual it's VERY DIFFICULT to make the pieces fit together. This week's post helps you to understand that building a Lego set without instructions is like us trying to make sense of life without God!

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What Affects What We Believe? [“Trust God MORE” Excerpt]

In this crazy information age, we must always remain on guard with what we allow into our minds. This is vital because incoming information affects the way we think—our belief system, and consequently our behavior. We cannot afford to be passive. If we want to act more like Jesus we need to think more like Jesus. Learn about the different factors that affect the way we think, which will enable us to be more proactive in the way we live.

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Why Should We Trust God?

Trusting God is not easy or automatic. It’s going to take more than a casual desire to change the way you think and act. However, there are MANY reasons why we should trust God. And when you become aware of the wonderful benefits of placing your trust in God, you will be motivated to put in the effort, and find it to be well worth it!

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