How to Handle Your Emotions God’s Way

Are you an emotional yoyo like me? Always up and down in your emotional state.Do you struggle with your feelings taking control of your life?

I don’t like being so easily moved by my feelings. I used to see my emotionality as a curse. I also used to think that being sad or discouraged was a sin.

But my Lord showed me that was wrong thinking! It’s what I do with that emotion that determines whether I displease the Lord or not.

We can’t change what we feel, but we can change what we do.

Once I understood this key I got excited! It propelled me to further investigate the principles of handling my feelings in a God-honoring way. Oh the secrets I have learned! My emotional shackles have been cut. And I must pass these freeing truths onto you.

Here’s an example of my success of having joy despite the presence of pain. 

Now just because I have had significant victory in Christ over my emotions, doesn’t mean I think I’ve arrived. I’ll always be an emotional yoyo—that is my makeup. But although I may have occasional visits of negative feelings, I’ve learned not to live in that state of mind anymore. And so can you!

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“Since taking this workshop and applying the things I learned I am more aware of my emotional state and able to nip them in the bud before I overreact…. I certainly got my money’s worth!”  ~Dawn R.

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You don’t have to be controlled by your emotions!

I use these principles every day of my life. They work because they are based on the true Word of God! You can succeed, just as I have in increasing measure. Take it from this wacky emotional yoyo!