Welcome to He’s So Worth It Ministries!

We’re here to help you live life God’s way!

A life that:

  • Permeates with joy, peace, significance, and contentment
  • Pleases God
  • Produces eternal fruit for God’s glory

Living life God’s way may not be easy, but it isn’t complicated. God clearly shows us how in His Word. We have lots of resources (many free) to help you live God’s way and grow in Christ! Please take a look around and make sure you check out the Free Tools to Help You Grow page.

Look for our weekly post in your email every Wednesday morning where Rose will share from her heart about God’s Word so you can love God more.

What Others are Saying

Rose is able to explain concepts and ideas in a warm and personal way; making them easy to understand and relate to in a “where the rubber meets the road” sort of way. ~ Jean Pierce

Rose helps me to understand biblical concepts in a way I never have been able to before! ~L.C. 

My love for the Lord has increased greatly because of these resources! ~L.M.

I am so glad you found us. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 304-314-4328

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