CHRIST’S BOOT CAMP: Training Ground for a Victorious Life

You’re waiting at the station for the bus to take you to boot camp. You’re nervous, scared; not knowing what to expect. You’re leaving an awful lot behind. Will all this be worth it?

Did I scare some of you in my last blog—that if you believe in Jesus as your Savior you’re in Christ’s army? I hope it was enough just to get you moving toward training ground instead of turning yellow and running.

You need not fear! Your Commander will equip you with the basics of Christian living so that you can win your battles. His training includes your whole being of body, soul, and spirit.

At Christ’s training camp you will get physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in shape. That is key to living a victorious life in and for Christ. Your goal is to get and stay in shape so that you can have energy and stamina for serving your General. You will learn:

  • To think correctly with God’s truths (Rom 12:2).
  • The disciplines of Christian living: reading and studying God’s Manual—rules and regulations, instructions, basic info about the system (God’s ways), and communicating with your Commander (prayer).
  • To overcome fear of the enemy.
  • To please your Commander in chief by learning who He is (character).
  • Teamwork
  • The importance of the chain of command and obedience.
  • The consequences of disobedience

At boot camp you will get equipped with defensive gear and maneuvers. You will also be given your only, but very powerful, offensive weapon—the Word of God (Eph 6:17).

At first glance this weapon doesn’t look like much, but the weapons with which we fight are not of this physical world, but spiritual (2 Cor 10:4). You will learn how to use each specific piece of arsenal (truth) to obliterate each specific tool and lie of the enemy.

You will learn to recognize the enemy’s tactics and devious schemes.

The truth that your enemy is a defeated foe; that he has already lost the war at Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection will be drilled repeatedly into your head.

Victory is assured. Consequently you will have great confidence, courage, perseverance, endurance, hope, and joy.

Although tough, training will be worth it!

As an extra bonus, a sense of comradery will develop as you work together with your fellow soldiers for the same purpose.

Where is the nearest training camp for you?

  • It’s right in your living room as your Sergeant (Holy Spirit) teaches you His Instruction Manual.
  • It’s in the local Bible-based church.
  • It’s in small group Bible studies and fellowship meetings.
  • It’s on the radio and internet where others teach the truths of God.
  • It’s in biblically sound books, magazines, and blogs. 

May I highly recommend that you find a sister/brother in Christ to guide you—a discipler or mentor, especially if you:

  • Are newly enlisted.
  • Have never had basic training.
  • Are not experiencing the abundant life.

Ask God to bring a trainer into your life; ask Him to teach you. He wants you to get the foundational knowledge and understanding necessary to live a victorious life. But unlike the army, He won’t draft you in or force you to go to boot camp or even yell at you like a sergeant!

If you need assistance in finding a discipler or mentor feel free to contact me.
[email protected]

Until next time, my friends, learn all you can so you can live victoriously in Christ—you’re fighting a defeated foe!


Originally published 7/24/19