Don't let your perfectionism keep you from moving forward!

Did you ever wonder what God expects of us? Gratefully, He doesn’t expect us to immediately have a Christ-like attitude upon our salvation, but to work toward it.

Life can get so busy that we can’t focus on the task at hand. This affects our peace, relationships, effectiveness and efficiency! But if we let God be our Plate-Spinner, our life doesn’t have to be a circus!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the presence of God and thought it could never get better than that—and then it does? Find out how and why this is possible!

Our pets can teach us many things about God. God wants to be known and will use anything at His disposal to show us who He is and how He works, and in a way that makes sense to us. He often takes the tangible things inside of our world to teach us spiritual realities. Read about just one of those lessons which God taught me here.

Are you stuck in a pity-party? Are you tired of your ever-present companions of self-deprecation, discouragement, doubt, despair, and discontentment? Here are 10 Tips to Help You Leave that Pity Party!

What if you could use your down times for God’s glory? Learn how to not waste the pain, but make the most of your times in the pit.

Do you have a propensity to be easily moved by feelings, so much so that you often find yourself in or at the edge of a pit? Find out how to reduce your duration and frequency of dark times.

It’s inevitable. There will be times when we all find ourselves in a pit, to one extent or another; when we feel like we’re not going to make it. But you don't have to feel like you are perishing in your affliction! Read why.

In a pit? Learn how to grab unto Jesus, your Living Rope of Hope, so He can pull you out!