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It’s easy to just spout off a list of do’s and don’ts or a bunch of key Bible verses like, “Consider it pure joy…, Rejoice in the Lord always…” But how do you really do it?

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I used to think joy was supposed to replace the pain. But I was wrong. They can actually coexist!

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Pain. It’s unavoidable! But believe it or not, we cause so much of it ourselves—needlessly. The way we respond to the daily circumstances of our lives will determine how much of that pain will be unnecessary.

depressed woman holding bible

No one likes pain—of any kind, whether it’s physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual. But since pain in this world is inevitable, we need to learn how to deal with pain God’s way. I have discovered 3 wonderful things about pain. Read more to find out what they are.

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There’s such incredible possibility in a very small thing, like a seed. However, it’s just a possibility, not an actuality. We each have the capability of becoming or producing something greater. It lies dormant inside. We are each designed by God for a specific, beautiful purpose.

Free Download  All of us have a different makeup and temperament, but…  God wants to use you—no matter your makeup!

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God doesn’t want us to live unbridled, frenzied, and ineffective lives for His Kingdom—living for self and not Him or others. If we don’t want to remain like an unruly horse that is unusable, we must let God tame us—not to break our spirit, but to break our will.

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Are you following God’s plan for your life? Does it ever seem like it’s not working—that maybe you’re on the wrong path or that it’s just too hard? God promises to lead us every step of the way. We don’t have to remain doubtful, discouraged, or discontented with our calling!

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Finding your specific God-given purpose is not the easiest thing to do. See the process I went through to find out what God wanted me to do. It can be very exciting when you know WHAT God wants you to do and you start seeing Him use you in powerful ways!

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Since Jesus is our model of how to live a godly life, He should also be our model of how we should go about fulfilling our purpose in life. Read about the 4 aspect's of Jesus' mission and how we should parallel them.