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“Deb and I have been acquainted with Rose for many years. Having negotiated her husband’s illness and death, she is an overcomer! Her burden is to teach and mentor women in their spiritual lives. Rose is enthusiastic in her presentation and willing to minister to ladies’groups of any size. If you are looking for a speaker for an event, give Rose a call. She will be a BLESSING!”
~Harold Vaughan Christ Life Ministries, Inc.

Rose is a featured speaker of Christian Women Speakers

Rose is an engaging “bundle of energy” whose purpose is to bring the message of Jesus to all in attendance. Her presentation was dynamic and attention-grabbing as she explained to us both in word and photos how her “kitties taught her lessons about God.” Going from “kitty humor” to everyday application on how to be in a relationship with Jesus just flowed as she managed to bring us all from laughter to a clear understanding of how Jesus is worth it in our everyday lives. I would highly recommend Rose as a phenomenal speaker for your next group meeting. We were truly blessed to have her not only speak but also motivate us in our daily walk with Jesus.
~Thomas Stanford, Director, Senior Adult Ministries Bethel Assembly of God Martinsburg, WV


Endorsements from Rose’s Pastors: 

Mark Johnson
Independent Bible Church, WV (Current Pastor)

Marvin Patrick
Answers Community Church, Ga

Wally Webster-Mount
Airy Bible Church, Md (Pastor for 25 years)


Looking forward to being a blessing to your group!

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484 Williamsport Pike #139
Martinsburg, WV 25404