Rose is an inspiration to all who have the privilege to know her! She shares her Christian faith in a beautiful way with her insightful books and her positive, energetic personality.

~Sandy G.


I have known Rose for little less than 5 months and already she has made an impact on my walk with the Lord. I met Rose through a women’s bible study, and just loved hearing her fresh perspectives on topics relevant to my personal life. Her passion for Jesus is very evident in her writings and teachings. She has a very practical and knowledgeable Biblical worldview! Plus, she shares some awesome cat stories and spiritual lessons she has discerned from her beloved pets.  

After reading her book, “On My Father’s Lap,”I was inspired to reinstate a daily quiet time with my Father. Like Rose, who calls herself an emotional yoyo, I struggle with my emotions and often find it hard accept the circumstances God has placed in my life. Rose has encouraged me to continue to listen to God, drawing close to him, even as I struggle with pain. She has come along side me and continues to mentor me.  

Rose has a genuine desire to help all women grow spiritually. I would recommend He’s So Worth Ministries and any of her books, to anyone who seeks to know the Father more fully and love Him deeper. 



I’ve only known Rose for a few months, having attended 1 Bible Study together, and then attended another on her book, On My Father’s Lapwhich she facilitated.  And what a blessing she has been to me!  Her love for Christ permeates her very being, and her enthusiasm for the gospel is a great inspiration.  I loved her informal facilitation style, and her use of her personal experience to teach Biblical principles.  I highly recommend reading her books, and at any opportunity, hearing her speak.



Christian Women Are Very Fortunate!As a man I want to chime in on what I believe is a brand new treasure on the scene to enable the believer’s growth and strengthening their walk with the Savior.

Rose has a way of wrapping your heart and your mind around a well-known Scripture and engaging you in the whole counsel of God. And the best part?

The exercises and life questions she asks us to do in application bring a richness of vertical fellowship with the Lord that I have encountered only at special times in my life.

I wish I could attend one of her workshops. But at least I can participate in experience the theological richness of her published books, Our Knowable God, and From the Vertical to the Horizontal–Empowered to Relate to People God’s Way. I am also looking forward to read On My Father’s Lap.

~Steve Lanning
Director of Member Services—International


When I became a new Christian I didn’t know what to do next. I floundered for many years in my walk with Christ. But now I understand much better how to rightly relate with God. I know what my role is as well as God’s. Rose has discipled me for over a year using her book “Our Knowable God.” She is an excellent teacher who helps me to apply the information I learn to my everyday life. She gives wonderful illustrations from the Bible and her own experiences. She is also very open about her own struggles, and so gives me a lot of hope. I always come away from our sessions motivated and uplifted—like we both just met with God during our discussion. Rose’s discipleship, books, and blogs have taken me leaps and bounds in my intimacy with the Lord!

~Lyda M.


Rose is able to explain concepts and ideas in a warm and personal way; making them easy to understand and relate to in a “where the rubber meets the road” sort of way. I appreciate her extensive use and knowledge of Scripture. She has filled in some key holes in my biblical understanding. As a result of my discipling time with Rose my relationship with the Lord is sweeter, I’m more aware of His presence, and His word has become increasingly beautiful. I’m depending upon Him more often—and sooner. I find myself more at peace even during those frazzling crazy times.

Being discipled has also helped me with my marriage because my expectations about God, my husband, and even myself have changed. It’s priceless to be able to discover the precious truths about my God. Rose has helped me do just that.

~Jean Pierce


I have known Rose Noland for about 6 years. She is a most sincere Christian. Rose has experienced many of life’s difficulties and teaches others to look at their difficulties through God’s eyes as revealed in the Bible. She freely shares her experiences and explains how she has applied God’s Word. Rose is committed to her Bible quiet time each morning. That is the only time she will not be available to her friends.

Rose has authored several biblical books, giving many concrete examples and specific instances from her own life. She writes about God’s characteristics, how God blesses us, helps us to fight our spiritual battles, and gives us strength and inspiration through all of life’s challenges. If you need to hear the truth on one of life’s difficult decisions, Rose is there for you. She speaks God’s truth with authority, compassion, and clarity. 



Rose Noland’s passion for Jesus Christ and her earnest desire to share her faith are a driving force in her life and ministry. Rose’s energetic personality fuels both her interpersonal relationships and her public speaking.  In a word, Rose is an encourager. She is steadfastly committed to the truth of Scripture and the value of living life according to its precepts.  I eagerly recommend Rose Noland and He’s So Worth It Ministries to anyone interested in learning more about what it means to live an abundant, joy-filled life.

~Karen M.


I have known Rose for about 15 years. She has always been a bubbly, on fire for the Lord kind of person. She speaks so much from her heart and her love for our Savior. I can always count on her to fill in as a speaker at the Karis home (a homeless women’s shelter), where she has served since 2003. She has published two books, working very diligently on each of them. She has a very discerning wisdom about her and can portray this in her writings as well as her speaking engagements. I have taken a few of her Bible studies and have learned a great deal under her instruction. She is a very dedicated, very wise woman of God whom I have had the privilege of calling my friend. 

~Terry R.