How to Discipline Yourself (Part 4)—3 Keys in Making Discipline Pleasurable

Learning how to discipline ourselves is not an easy task, but we can learn to make it more enjoyable, or at least less painful. We do that by changing our perspective from…

Here are:


1. Use Your Brain Physiology

Did you know that with every win, a feel-good hormone is released in your brain? That’s why playing video games is so addictive. We get a thrill with every success. Don’t you feel great when you’ve made the right choice? That’s God’s beautiful physiological design coming through! Use it to your advantage in changing a habit.

2. Put On Your Thinking Cap

What can you do to make a difficult activity more enjoyable, or at least less painful, in some way? Make a game of it? Sing? Use the time to pray?

For example, I’ve found that music increases my pleasure while exercising. It’s a time I can worship God. Plus, I simply love music and moving to it.

Whatever you do—don’t complain as you do it! That’s focusing on the negative. Besides, complaining is a sin! (Phil 2:14)

If you’re trying to stop an activity, find a more pleasurable or beneficial one with which to replace it (e.g. taking a walk vs watching TV).

3. Keep the Ramifications of Your Actions in the Front of Your Mind

Think about all the advantages of changing, and all the consequences of not changing [See first blog  in series].

Think about the satisfaction you’ll have when you know you’ve done the right thing. Being in the center of God’s will is very rewarding! Think about the smile you’ll be putting on Jesus’ face. Think about no guilty feelings!

Remember that…

The pain of remaining the same has to be greater than the pain of changing.


The pleasure of changing has to be greater than the pleasure of remaining the same.

After you’ve experienced some of the benefits of your new habit, it will become easier. Those positives experiences encourage you to press on—like when you get on the scale and see you’ve lost a few pounds.

For a practical application, let’s take the discipline of regularly reading the Bible. It definitely requires lots of effort in the beginning. There are many obstacles in our way—time, distractions, lack of understanding, laziness…. Not to mention Satan himself.  However, let’s look at just a few of the benefits of reading God’s Word consistently:

  • It’s obeying His command. And obedience always brings rewards (Deut 28).
  • It’s a way to connect with God Himself, and being in God’s presence brings joy, comfort and peace.
  • It gives guidance and strength to endure life’s difficulties.
  • It makes you more like Christ (if you apply what you read).
  • It pleases Him.

I used to struggle just like the rest of you. But now reading the Bible is no longer something I have to even think about doing. It has not only become a habit but an activity that I love! What changed?

My perspective.

I experienced the benefits of fellowshipping with my Maker; sensing His delight in me as I delight in Him. Thinking about God’s grace and kindness toward me is definitely pleasurable!

Now, not all activities will produce such great rewards, but you’d be surprised. If it’s a God-honoring change or activity, you are pleasing God. Whenever you cooperate with God and do life His way, you put a smile on His face. He takes pleasure in your obedience and rejoices in doing you good (See Jer 32:37-41). As a result, you’ll be more likely to exercise your will-power because both you and the Lord will like it!

Friends, I know discipline is hard. But it’ll be worth it—because He is so worth it!!

Here’s a free resource to help you:

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