The Master’s Garden Pictorial Guide to the World of Plantasia


Dive deeper into the plant characters of the unusual allegory of The Master’s Garden where plants come alive by seeing what they look like in the real world! Learn more about plants while you learn how to abide in Christ.

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The Master’s Garden: An Allegory of Abiding in the Vine is about the fantasy world of Plantasia where plants can think, see, hear, and speak! All of the characters except for the Master Gardener and His enemy are real plants. 

The Master’s Garden is written in a way that you don’t have to know anything about gardening to grow in your understanding of this beautiful biblical garden metaphor. However, if you know what the plant characters look like in the real world, it makes the reading a lot more fun. Plus you’ll be able to grasp more of the innuendo’s of this witty tale.

This guide enables you to do just that! It contains photographs, a brief description, and links to more information about each plant mentioned in the allegory. It allows the reader to discover wonderful things about the plant world while learning how to abide in Christ. 

Especially helpful tool for the inexperienced gardener.


Imagine. A world containing very unusual plants that can think, see, hear, and speak—a kind of plant-animal hybrid, so to speak. This is the world of The Master’s Garden. A world called Plantasia where plants have come alive.

Except for the Gardener and His enemy, all of the characters in this allegory are plants. Since not everyone is an avid gardener like myself, I want to help you know what the plant characters look like in this fantasy world.

This guide contains pictures of all the plants mentioned in this allegory, as well as the plant pests and diseases referred to in the story. Each entry is in alphabetical order within its category, and has a brief description with internet links for further study. I’ve also included some pictures from my garden in Maryland.

This material will help your imagination and understanding of this unusual allegory. It is designed to enhance your reading enjoyment of The Master’s Garden and as you learn how to abide in Christ, the Vine.

The information here is not meant to be complete, but a stimulus to learn more about how wonderful plants are. You could also use it to teach your kids, and yourself, more about gardening and the plant world.

Learning more about plants will increase your awareness of how incredibly amazing your Designer is! Father God, the Gardener, wants you to enjoy Him and the beautiful diverse world He has made.

Primary Plant Characters

New Dawn
A fifteen to twenty-foot variety of climbing rose with sweetly fragrant, pink blooms. There are thornless varieties of roses, but this is not one of them.

A small native American tree with horizontal branching structure and early spring flowers that appear before the leaves

Ginnie, the Obedient Plant
Botanical name: Physostegia virginiana
Perennial in the mint family with aggressive roots; common name is obedient plant

Mr. Bugleweed
A groundcover with purple flowers in spring.
Note: many groundcovers are good weed inhibitors.

 Mighty Oak

There are many different types of oaks. The most common are White Oak, Bur Oak, Willow Oak, and Pin Oak. They can grow quite large and are long-lived.

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