New Book

Finally the long-awaited day is almost here when my newest book will be released!

The Master’s Garden: An Allegory of Abiding in the Vine!

I’ve been waiting on the Lord to publish what I believe is my best work ever for quite some time. The manuscript was 90% completed even before I moved to West Virginia in the fall of 2018. I knew in my heart the Lord wanted me to wait to publish this book in order that the freeing message inside would reach more people.

What others are saying about The Master’s Garden

Rose has written an allegory that paints an inspiring picture of the love story between God the Father and His children, using the analogy of the vine (Jesus) and its branches (Christians). It also tells the beautiful love story between her and the husband God gave her, the loss of that love and God’s precious nurturing that allowed her to triumph victoriously in the face of loss and change. There’s something in this story for everyone!
~Peggy Neilson, Christian School Teacher, Women’s Ministry Co-leader

Rose does an amazing job with this beautiful allegory, The Master’s Garden. She captures your attention with this heartwarming story within a story as a grandmother helps her struggling granddaughter to understand that only by abiding in Christ and being under God’s care will she be able to deal with life’s difficulties and satisfy the deep longings in her heart…. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and look forward to sharing the story with many others needing encouragement in their Christian journey.

~Holly Vaughn, Pastor’s wife


I thought Rose’s analogy between plants and people was very creative. I liked the flow of the story…. I believe this allegory will help the young as well as the “old” understand the meaning of abiding in the Vine and help them to do so.

~Paige McCauley, Elder’s wife and former Revive Our Hearts outreach ministry partner


I love how the author brings the reader into the garden. I can visualize talking with the plants and the Master Gardener as I traveled through the garden. The story has led me back to God’s love and compassion with new eyes and a hunger to truly know God more.



A wonderfully whimsical easy to understand story even if one is not a gardener who knows the name of every flower. Due to the knowledge of the author, however, the story also provides a deeper understanding of what it means to live in the vine according to the gospel of John. I would recommend this book for a young reader as well as a knowledgeable gardener looking for greater understanding.

~ A Fellow Gardener


I have always been intrigued with the analogy of abiding in the Vine found in John 15 of the Bible. Perhaps it’s because I am a gardener and I can understand the comparison better than those who don’t play in the dirt. But it wasn’t until my Lord gave me this unusual idea of a strange world with talking plants that I came to a much deeper understanding of what it means to abide in Christ.

I am so grateful that the Lord has allowed me to combine my horticultural expertise with my biblical knowledge in this allegory. I have written this story in a way that even if you don’t know the first thing about gardening, you will be able to understand what it means to abide in Christ.

I know that this book will help young and old alike to find true significance under the care of God, the Gardener. I pray that includes you!

Here’s is the book’s description:

In the gospel of John, Jesus tells us that He is the Vine and His Father is the Gardener. He explains that His followers are the branches and need to remain in the Vine and bear much fruit. Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant by that or how remaining in the Vine might look in your daily life?

Then enter into the fantasy world of Plantasia™ where plants come alive! This is a witty tale told by a grandmother to help her struggling granddaughter find true significance under God’s care.

The Master Gardener created this beautiful world where plants can think, see, hear, and speak. He longs for all to come under His loving care and be grafted onto His beloved Vine. Through this connection, plants are able to flourish and reach their full potential.

See what happens when a spindly rose, who yearns to be more than she is, meets the Master Gardener. Listen in on the conversations she has with the Gardener, Mighty Oak, Ginni (the Obedient Plant), and Mr. Bugleweed. Learn with her as she discovers the secrets of how to abide in the Vine and experience true riches.

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener…you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

(John 15:1, 5)

Now available on Amazon on kindle at a discounted price of only $3.99!

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