5 Reasons Why Giving Thanks to God ALWAYS Lifts Our Spirits

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Do you ever wake up in the morning just feeling blue and can’t figure out why? Or perhaps you do know why. This emotional yoyo is no stranger to the blues. I am so grateful the Lord has shown me that I need not remain in a negative state of mind.

What always works to lift my spirits is to praise and thank Him. It may not come immediately, but it does come—if I keep at it. At the very least it keeps me from going into a deeper pit.

But why does it work? I’m not exactly sure, but here are at least…

5 Reasons Why Giving Thanks to God Always Lifts Our Spirits

1. Enables us to sense His presence more

Consciously thinking about God and what He’s provided makes Him seem more real, that He’s right here with us—not just up there, somewhere. And in His presence, there is joy (Ps 16:11).

2. God blesses obedience

We’re commanded to give thanks (1 Thes 5:18). Obedience always pleases God and He rewards it (Deut 6:3). Plus, knowing I’ve put a smile on Jesus’ face always puts a smile on mine. (How about you?)

3. Shifts our focus…

off ourselves and the negative and puts it on Jesus where it belongs (Heb 3:1, 12:2; Col 3:1-4).

4. Yields the fruit of the Spirit, including joy and peace

Dwelling on the truth about God and His blessings means we’re abiding in Christ the Vine and His joy becomes our joy (See blog: His Joy Will be My Joy).

5. Satisfaction in fulfilling what we were meant to do—praise and worship our Creator.

Our brains are wired by God Himself for this. Science proves that gratitude positively affects the brain. Look at this chart.

Thanking God is fulfilling one of our God-given purposes which makes us feel fulfilled.

Now we cannot simply go through the motions and expect our spirits to be lifted up. Nor can we expect an immediate rescue out of our blues. I’ve found that it often takes repeated attempts before I get victory. But it always works if I persist!

It takes effort to change and engage our brains. But if we know that it’ll work, it’ll be easier to put out the effort and choose to thank God. It will be worth it! Here are a few practical things that have always lifted my spirits: 

5 Practical Ways to Lift Your Spirits

1. Keep a gratitude journal:

  • Write down 5 things for which you are thankful every day.
  • Expand on the reason why you are grateful for it. This technique really gets your appreciation going!
  • Use your ABC’s to stimulate your mind. (I have found this one to be loads of fun!) For example, beginning with each letter of the alphabet, think about an attribute of God, something you appreciate about someone, or anything for that matter! 😊

2. Count your blessings—literally, specifically, and even out loud.

3. Write a gratitude letter to someone or to God.

4. Sing praises to God. (Raise a Hallelujah)

5. At the first awareness of negativity in your heart and mind, stop and turn it around by choosing gratitude!

My friends, THIS DOES WORK!

Lift up praise and thanksgiving to God and He will lift you up!

Many are saying of me, “God will not deliver him.” But you, O Lord, are a shield around me, you bestow glory on me and lift up my head. (Ps 3:2-3)

All you have made will praise you, O Lord; your saints will extol you…. The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down. (Ps 145:10, 14)

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