The Abundant Life: Meaning, Reaping, and KEEPING-Part 3

abundant life meaning, keeping

Can we lose the abundant life?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

Last time we saw that having the abundant life was a byproduct of being and remaining in a right relationship with God. Therefore, anything that hinders that relationship will affect our reaping and enjoyment of it. And the biggest thing that does that—is unconfessed sin and lack of repentance.

Notice—I DID NOT say if you sin. We still sin after we are saved because our sinful nature is still present. Just read about the internal warfare that was going on inside the Apostle Paul in Romans 7.  God knows you cannot live perfectly. What He wants is for you to confess and turn away from sin when He points it out to you.

Those guilty feelings, when the Holy Spirit convicts you, are His way of showing you there’s been a breech in the relationship. God wants you to agree with Him by confessing, then repenting, and  thereby restoring that broken fellowship with Him. 

Nonetheless, you can never lose your eternal life! Once a child of God, always a child of His (Jn 10:28-29, Eph 4:30). But you can lose that relational intimacy with the One who is the source of all good things.

I have discovered that if I do the 9 things below I am able to continually experience the abundant life.

1. Confess immediately when the Holy Spirit makes you aware of your sin.

2. Repent—which is way more than just saying you’re sorry. It’s a godly sorrow and a determination to change. This typically (if not always) involves changing your thinking (Rom 12:2). And you need the Lord’s help for that! 

3. Stay dependent upon God by recognizing your continual need of Him.

4. Stay humble before your Sovereign King by continually yielding to His way. I have found that submission is a beautiful word.

5. Understand that you do not have the right to be happy. Life is not about you, but about bringing glory to our rightful King. That’s pride and self-centeredness which most definitely will keep you from experiencing the abundant life—God resists the proud (Jas 4:6). Instead, consider it an absolute privilege to be able to even come into His presence. Because it is!

6. Keep an eternal perspective during trials. Focus on the fact that the Lord is working out all things for good to those who love Him (Rom 8:28). Otherwise, you will become discouraged, disillusioned, and despairing—not the way any of us want to live (including the Lord)! You will be rewarded for your faithfulness.

7. Become a giver. Did you know that a plant’s fruit is not for solely for itself? Just as a tree bears fruit for others to eat and enjoy as well as to reproduce, we also do not bear fruit only for ourselves. I had that backwards for many years. Gratefully, the Lord showed me the error of my thinking. The principle of sowing and reaping applies big time with living a full—and fruitful life.

8. Arm yourself against Satan. Read God’s Word so you can know how to combat His lies with God’s powerful truths.

Satan cannot destroy us, but he can certainly rob us of our joy, peace and the rest of living life to its fullest.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. (Jn 10:10)*

9. Remember that relationships are two-sided and good ones are those in which both parties mutually enjoy one another. So why not consider bringing joy to God’s heart? You might be pleasantly surprised how God will bless your socks off then!

And find out what pleases the Lord. (Eph 5:10)

So until next time my friends, ask God to help you apply these 9 principles and I promise you abundant living!

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