If you are an emotional yoyo—up and down in how you feel; thinking you are destined to act in accordance with your mood, then this weeks post is a must read. There is hope for us emotional yoyos—it’s found in the Bible!

Some of us are more emotional than others. How do we come to grips with this? These first 2 keys will help you get started in dealing with your emotionality God's way.

Guilty feelings are good if they come from God. Learning to embrace rather than dread the conviction of the Holy Spirit will keep us close to God.

Perspective is everything!

Our hearts need to be like a well-tended garden! Otherwise sin sneaks in and take over!

We all hate getting old. But by having the right perspective we can have rich meaningful lives until the day we die.

There are great rewards in loving and serving God with our all—He is worth every effort. However, God is worthy of our complete devotion even if there were no rewards!

That sense of awe we get when we see the Milky Way or the Grand Canyon is God revealing Himself to us—His glory and attributes. The more we know Him the more we will love our magnificent Creator!

All of us have challenging circumstances we have to face. Asking this question: "In my situation, what would give God the greatest glory?" will greatly help us to accept and turn around our negative situation.

If you ever look up at the sky on a clear night out in the country, it’s hard not to believe that a very BIG and powerful Being created all this. Yet the Creator of this vast universe knows and cares about the minutest details of our lives. Nothing is insignificant to God!