What does "His ways are NOT our ways" mean?

Can we really understand the ways of God? The Lord has revealed them to us. We can know them by seeking with all our hearts.

Whether a relationship is good or bad depends upon both parties. In an ideal relationship, both sides give their all: a 100-100%, not 50-50%. God gives His all-do we?

If we love someone, we want to please them. we want to put a smile on their face. God tells us what pleases Him in the Bible and we are commanded to find out and carry it out.

Write a Love Letter to God

Have you ever received a love letter from someone? Isn’t it exciting?! Heartwarming? Have you ever written a love letter in response? God has written that love letter to you—the Bible. On this Valentine’s Day, why not respond with one of your own? This week’s post shows you how.

Do you have a strong belief that God and His Word are true? If so, you have a greater sense of peace and security than those who waffle in their convictions. A strong belief system enable us to keep going no matter the obstacles. That’s what the hero’s of the hall of Faith in Hebrews 11 had. The dictionary says that "conviction is a settled, profound, or earnest belief that something is right." This week's post gives 6 reasons why you should develop strong convictions about God.

Does it ever seem like your service to God is just wasted time and effort? Where you are not seeing the results you expected. Many of us struggle with this. Gratefully, Jesus teaches us what we can do during these times.

Whether or not we had a good productive year in 2023, we are in a brand new year. What you and I do this year matters. Learn how to ensure it’s a good productive year for our Lord!

Time seems to be going faster and faster with each waking moment. I suppose it’s because I am more conscious that the #days I have already lived far surpass the #days I have left. I am gripped with an ever-increasing desire to not waste any of my precious remaining time. How about you?

We humans are very complex beings. But if we look at the different aspects of our makeup individually, we'll be able to understand ourselves better and then love God more fully. This is part 2 of what loving God with the totality of our being looks like in everyday life.