How Does God See Us?

If you feel like a nobody; if the opinions of others affect your whole day, then it’s time to begin seeing yourself the way God sees you. His opinion of you is what matters most. He loves and cherishes you. You are a SOMEBODY in God's eyes!

Sin is ugly. It put our Savior on the cross. However, although outwardly ugly, the cross is the most beautiful symbol to us believers. Our ugly sin crucified our beautiful Savior, but Jesus used the ugly cross to restore God’s beauty in us!

Taking our problems to God isn’t meant to be a onetime event. God doesn't expect you to come to terms with difficulties immediately. He knows it takes time to process through difficulties. So instead of worrying , think it through WITH the Lord

Most of us just want our problems fixed; our pain removed. We want God to wave His “magic wand” from afar and make it disappear! We want God to treat the symptom without getting to the root cause. But God can only heal if we let Him get close and address those issues.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with life’s hardships that you felt like you couldn’t go through another day? I certainly have—many times! I am so grateful the Lord has taught me to run to Jesus during those times—to the ONLY ONE who can help me. Without Jesus, I would be utterly consumed by my troubles. That’s because believers in Jesus Christ have His blood coursing through our veins—restoring us, refreshing us, and renewing us! Christ's Blood gives us life!

In this learning to be content series I have done my best to explain what it means to be content and how to achieve it—no matter our circumstances. But unless you apply it, you won’t be able to experience the abundant life. Read how I applied it to my life in a very difficult trial. I did learn to be content!

We all want to be content. God made us that way. And we can all learn if we do it God’s way! Learn how with these 7 keys.

Learning—that is the operative word here. We’re not born content. But the Lord wants to teach us. The first and most important key is putting God first. A contented heart flows from a heart after God.

Love Letter from God

Valentine's Day is a time to tell the ones you love how much you care about them and how special they are. Hear what God wants to say to you.

Needs~Desires We all have them, and they are as varied as we are. Some of these longings are legitimate, some are not. We each were created with the core needs of love, acceptance, significance, security, companionship, and hope. However, some of our needs are really just wants. And some of our desires don’t align with God’s. Find out how to fill these longings the right way-God's way!