There are many word pictures that connote a compliant spirit—a flowing scarf, grass rustling in the breeze, a buoy staying afloat despite tumultuous waves, and moldable clay. But my favorite is one that I learned from clipping my cat’s nails!

lady holding a beautiful flowing scarf in the breeze

For most people submission is a dirty word. But if they only knew how beneficial it is to live submitted lives to God, they would find it to be a beautiful word—like I have!

Silhouette of woman rejecting

Have you ever wronged someone, sincerely regretted it, repented of it, and tried to make it right—only to have your apology flat out rejected? It’s heartbreaking and EVERYONE Loses! Find out how you can do minimize your pain and loss.

If you are a Christian and feel out of place in this world, understand that is exactly how you are supposed to feel! You belong to God and are set apart to be different. You and I don’t have to give into doing what everyone else is doing.

woman with Bible sitting on concrete

We hear it all the time: “just trust God.” But how do you actually do it? A large part of trusting God more lies in understanding the difference between belief, faith, and trust. Read more in this week's post.

man freefalling above clouds

God gives us jumping-out-of-airplane opportunities to develop a faith in us that will overcome our fears. We can even learn how to enjoy these times of total desperation because we’ll know it’ll be worth all the glorious eternal fruit produced by our leap of faith.

Open book with heart on top

If you want to go deeper in your relationship with God you need to go deep into His Word. As we read, study, and meditate, the Holy Spirit will help us understand It if we have a teachable heart!

open bible and lady with a questioning face

There are many passages in the Bible that can be quite baffling. However, there are many things in the Bible which God has made very clear—with no ambiguity. So instead of getting consumed with what we don’t know or understand let’s remember what we do know!

snorkelers in a coral reef

If we only have a surface understanding of the whole Bible, we could easily assume something incorrect about God. That’s why we need a deeper understanding of God’s word!

Looking down from a boat ladder into deep water

If you want to go deeper with God in your relationship, then you must be willing to go down into deep waters. But these down times can bring us closer to God.