“How are you doing with that ‘issue,’ Angie?  Were you tempted at all this week and how did you handle

“I want to stop sinning!” Do you really? Habitual sin is very difficult to stop. One of the biggest reasons for failure is because we don’t want it bad enough. We need a strong desire to break those strongholds.

Ever find yourself in this vicious cycle? Why even bother confessing?! You know you’re only going to fall again. How

Satan just loves to get you and me to sin and not repent! However, unconfessed sin: Hinders our fellowship with

Are you an emotional yoyo? Last time I admitted I was. What are we to do?! Is there any hope for

I have to face it! I’ll always be a yoyo—up and down in my emotional state. I want to stay

It was the day before my birthday, 2006. My husband, Ed, came home unexpectedly mid-morning. “Oh, hi, Honey!” I said,

I think people who jump out of planes for the fun of it are CRAZY! So why do people do

Is your life in a state of turmoil? Has a major trial turned your life upside down? Right now mine is.

So far we’ve covered the first 3 steps of living a victorious life: Get serious about changing Believe it is